Hybrid Dentures

What are Hybrid Dentures?

Hybrid dentures (fixed-detachable dentures) are a way to replace missing teeth and gum tissue with a prosthetic. They fit right over your natural teeth roots and are not removable (unless by a cosmetic dentist). In some cases, your chosen dentist will fit them over previously placed dental implants so that they are root supported. This means that the implants are held in placed by additional attachments to create a superior retentive bond at the root. With hybrid dentures, a natural root can grow, providing a stronger foundation for future implants or unforeseen change. Additionally, a naturally growing root will help keep the facial features from shrinking and developing awkward spaces from one feature to the next.


Hybrid dentures are usually recommended when a patient has a lot of bone loss in your jaw. If you want to learn more about this dental procedure and how it can help you, call today to make an appointment.

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