Complete Dentures

What is the difference between a full and partial denture?


Partial dentures are used when you’re missing some but not all of your teeth. They use plates and sometimes clips to stay in place in your mouth. Full dentures replace all your teeth and remain in place with adhesives. Full dentures can also be attached to dental implant posts for a more secure fit.


I plan on having implants; can I have temporary dentures until then?


Yes, our office offers temporary dentures that can be made on the same day your teeth are removed. If you’re having implants, it can take several weeks while the post that’s implanted into your jaw fuses with the bone tissue to become strong enough to support the artificial tooth. Temporary dentures can be made on-site and worn right away until your implants are ready.


How long will it take me to feel comfortable wearing a denture?


That depends on the type of denture you have. Partial dentures don’t take as long to adjust to as full dentures, and full dentures attached to implants are typically easier to get used to than dentures that rely on adhesives to remain in place. To adjust as quickly as possible, wear your dentures as often as directed and try reading aloud to let your tongue and gums get used to the feeling and pressure of the dentures. Most patients are fully adjusted within less than two weeks.

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