Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Miami


Symptoms of a root canal include pain, tenderness, gum swelling and tooth sensitivity. Though all these indicators may make you a contender, only your root canal specialist can properly diagnose your needs. Book a free consultation for your evaluation!

Still worried about the actual procedure? Let us clear your mind: A root canal procedure is performed when the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, inflamed, or dies.


Causes of these conditions include deep decay, a fracture in the tooth, or trauma. The procedure for a root canal is to make a small access opening in the tooth (after dental anesthesia is obtained), and using small, thin, sterile instruments called endodontic files, the dentist will clean and shape the small, thin canal(s) of the tooth. After the canal(s) is/are cleaned and shaped, a biocompatible material, called gutta percha, is placed within the canal(s) with a special adhesive cement to make sure that no other bacteria or debris enter the canal(s). After completion of the root canal procedure, your dentist will determine if a post and crown will be required to restore the tooth.

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