Valplast Dentures


What are Valplast dentures?

Valplast is a flexible resin based denture that is ideal for use as a partial denture as it is unbreakable in use. The biocompatible nylon thermoplastic denture contains physical and aesthetic properties to allow a patient’s natural gum tissue colour to appear through the material, which makes it almost invisible to the human eye.

Do I qualify for Valplast dentures?

Individuals looking for an alternative to dental bridges or dental implants to replace missing teeth could find their ideal solution in this cosmetic treatment. Compared to more traditional methods of replacement, Valplast dentures are cheaper.

The thin and lightweight nature of the device allows patients to feel more confident when eating and speaking, due to its effective retention.

What does the procedure entail?

Initially patients will undergo a consultation with valplast trained dentist to ensure this type of treatment is suited to their lifestyle and medical needs.

The dentist will take impressions of the patient’s jaws and teeth and send the impressions to the lab for construction of the flexible dentures.

The laboratory constructs the flexible denture and returns it back to the clinic for adjustments and final fitting.

The patients can then place the denture in hot water before placing it into their mouth to allow for the flexible denture material to become soft and take the shape of their gums in the region of the missing teeth.

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